When I dine in at a restaurants, no matter now fancy it is, I tend to leave a 20% tip to the waiter or waitress. I rarely get bad services at the restaurant that I attend so 20% is a fair amount for good service. I’m often tempted to leave nothing at all for bad service but some of the wait staff makes most of their money on tips so it’s best to leave a little.

In Hong Kong, there are a few restaurants that enforce a mandatory 20% tipping system. So no matter what you’re ordering or how bad your service is, you have to tip 20%. I disagree with that completely because it is not fair. It’s seems like the management team refuses to pay their employees what they deserve so they give the tab to the customers. I will pay for good service and so will a lot of other people. It’s the good service that will bring me back to that restaurant and the bad service that will steer me away.

I visited a few bars and pub while I was in Hong Kong and every one of them had a service charge. I don’t think it takes a lot of effort to open a beer cap but apparently some of them think that it’s worth a 20% service charge. That’s the lifestyle there and I guess that’s what everyone expects when they go to bars.

This past weekend, Jenn and I visited a restaurant in Olde Stoney Creek called the Village Restaurant. I’ve gone there once before but that was a long time ago. My first impression of it was that the customer service was great. We didn’t wait long to be seated and our food was promptly prepared. This time around, I’d have to say that the service was terrible.

Jenn and I had to wait about twenty minutes before were seated. There were a couple of seats available that could occupy two people but those seats were left unattended. And when we did get seated, we didn’t even get a menu. I had to get up and get a menu from the front counter. Luckily, it was within arm’s reach or else we wouldn’t have ordered anything for a long time. The lady that seated us told us to have a seat and then took off. If it wasn’t for the coffee guy, I would have probably left.

We arrived at the restaurant at 11:00am but didn’t get seated until 11:30am and didn’t give our order until 12:00pm. That’s a pretty long time to wait for breakfast. I understand that it was busy but it wouldn’t have been as bad if we were given the basic items as we were seated like a menu and a drink.

I’ve been there before but Jenn hasn’t so she doesn’t know what they’re offering. You can assume that they’re serving common breakfast items but with some places you can’t be sure. Even with a menu, it was another ten minutes before we could give our orders. I’m not sure what was going on but the waitress was tending to the other part of the restaurant more often than the part that we were seated in.

After we gave our orders, it would be another fifteen minutes or so before we received our food. I must have finished my coffee already before the food came. By then, I didn’t have much of an appetite. Part way through our meal, the waitress came back and took our ketchup bottle and she did it in a rude manner as well. She didn’t even bother to ask if we were finished with it. She walked over and as she was speaking with someone else, reach in, grabbed the bottle and took it somewhere. I had some fries left that I had planned on dipping into some ketchup but since I didn’t have any, I didn’t feel like eating the fries.

There’s a good chance that I will not be going back there for breakfast. I like to try new places to see what it’s like and I’ll return to those that provide good service but after what happened on the weekend, I don’t think I want to go back there again. It is a little bit out of my way to get there but I thought the drive and the atmosphere would be nice. Breakfast can be a pretty hectic time for restaurants but I’m sure that if they knew that, they’d be well prepared with staff. I think for now, I’ll stick with my regular restaurant where it’s nice and quiet.

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  1. I’ve driven by both places but I’ve never been inside. My brother went to the Bedrock Bistro once but he didn’t like it much. I’ve heard lots about the Egg and I though so I might have to visit that one day.

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