This I Believe

I recently picked up a book called ‘This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Woman’ which is a collection of essays. It started out as being a radio broadcast back in 1951 hosted by Edward R. Murrow and now it has continued and turned into a book. It started with an “invitation to politicians, nurses, artist athletes, construction works, parents, student, the famous and the unknown, everyone.”

Everyone has something that they believe in. It’s like an opinion but I think it’s more on a deeper level. It could be something that divides us and makes us individuals. It’s sometimes hard to share your belief with others because there’s room for interjection by the other party. What’s nice about this book is that you are able to read about the beliefs of others without stopping. This gives you a chance to hear them out entirely and if you disagree with them, you can’t really argue back. The essays includes topic such as “conflict over moral standards, patriotism, family and issues of race and faith.” It is collection of over 80 essays and I look forward to read them all including the second book.

The purpose of the ‘This I Believe’ series is to write about what you believe in without saying something negative. If you want to say something negative, you have to try and word it so it doesn’t sound negative. Instead of say, “I don’t believe in god,” you’d put it like Penn Jillette and say, “I believe there is no god.”

After reading the book, I have decided that I’m going to start my own series of ‘This I Believe’ and I hope that it will compile a list of beliefs that I live by.