Zend Framework

I’ve finally got started on my project for the Internet Applications class. It’s good that I didn’t start earlier because if I did, I would have had to start over because the teacher wanted us to select a framework. I am used to creating things from scratch and if I made a mistake, I could always recreate everything again. But the idea of using a framework to write your code is so that you don’t reinvent the wheel. Every function that I create has already been created so there’s no need to write it again. This will save time, a lot of it.

It would save time if I knew what I was doing. I assumed that getting started with the framework would be easy but as it turns out, I didn’t quite grasp the concept fully yet. I thought I could download the library, add it to my existing code and be finished with the project. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. I had into a few road blocks along the way but I think I’ve gotten around most of it.

To keep things simple, I download a trial version of the Zend Server. I could have easily downloaded the library and wrote the code to include the library but I didn’t have a full understanding of the framework yet so I wasn’t sure how to do that. I wanted to keep things simple while I’m reading up on the framework so I downloaded the Zend Framework, Studio and Server to keep things consistent. So far, all I’ve managed to use it for was to restart PHP.

Zend: Controller

Installing the server was pretty straight forward and configuring it wasn’t that hard either. I have experience with installing a web server and this was no different. The nice thing about the Zend Server is that it gives you a little controller that allows you to change the settings of the web server.

Zend: Server

I tried to follow a simple tutorial to get things started but for some reason I ran into some problems. With the controller, it provides details on the error that was detected. Click on the events will display more details about the error. On that page, you can click on a link that will display the line where the error is caused.

Zend: Studio

From there, launches the Studio and highlights the line that is giving you a problem. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to understand exactly why that specific line was causing an error. I don’t have an understanding of the framework yet so I couldn’t solve it. With this problem in the way, I couldn’t get started on my project and I don’t have much time left to complete it.

I went out and bough ‘Zend Framework in Action’ by Rob Allen, Nick Lo and Steven Brown. I am currently into the third chapter and I understand more of how the framework functions. I’m going to try to read all 400 or so pages in hopes that it’ll help me. I’m about a tenth of the way through and it’s helping so far. This project is due in about a week so I better start coding.