Waste of time

I don’t quite understand the purpose of making an appointment and not keeping it. I’d assume that anyone who is professional enough to make an appointment would be professional enough to follow through. If they are not able to keep that appointment, I’d assume that they would call and give a reason why they can’t keep the appointment. I guess my expectation for some people are too high.

My mom asked me yesterday if I could take her to get her hair done at a friend’s house. I was in the middle of homework and I was trying to get an assignment completed before having to submit it but I thought that maybe I can take a little break and help out my mom. My dad and my brothers are busy working and I’m the only one who is free on a Saturday so I did what my mom asked.

When it came time to leave the house, I told my brother that I’d be over in a few minutes and ask him to tell my mom to get ready. This way, I could get to their house, pick up my mom and take her to my friend’s. In a perfect world, everything would work out smoothly. But since I’ve come to the realization that this world isn’t perfect, I knew that something was going to go wrong.

I arrived at my parent’s house promptly at 3:00 PM and walked into the house. My mom’s first words were, “How come you’re here so quickly?” I’m not one that likes to make people wait so when I say that I’ll be there at 3:00 PM, I’ll be there at 3:00 PM.

I mom reached for the phone and made a phone call. She told me that she has to give my friend a call first to see if she’s home. At this point, I’m a little annoyed because my friend should have been there if she had already made this appointment. The phone rings and rings, nobody answers and it goes to voicemail. My mom had to let my friend know that the appointment was for 3:00 PM and that she’ll be on her way there soon. Before hanging up, my mom asked that she be called back.

I waited there for a bit to see if there’s any call back but sadly, there wasn’t. So my time is wasted, my mom’s time is wasted and nobody’s happy about this. I was a little pissed off at the fact that m friend couldn’t do a little thing such keep an appointment. This is the not level of professionalism that you show your customers or even a friend. I understand that it’s my friend’s time that we’re booking but that’s the whole point of getting paid.

There are certain things that people do that makes me lose faith in them. Not being able to keep an appointment is one of them. If two parties agree to do something on a certain time and one of them bails out on the other, that just sucks. I don’t like to waste time and if it’s anyone’s time that they’re wasting, it should be their own.