Photoshop disaster

There’s a website that I like to visit every now and then called “Photoshop Disasters” which has a collection of photoshopped pictures that don’t look quite right. It’s entertaining to see some of the things that you’ve probably seen before but never quite noticed. But ever since I started visiting that page, I take a closer look at online images to see if I can track anything.

I think visiting this site seem to have paid off because I think I might have found something that could be considered a Photoshop disaster. It’s by no other than Tiger Direct. Take a look at this picture and see if you can spot something wrong.


From what I can tell, there are two mistakes. The first one I noticed when I was getting up from my seat and the second one I noticed when I was cropping the image before uploading it for this post.

The first mistake is that the LCDs on the laptops appear to be translucent to the point where you can see the laptop behind it. I know that transparent OLEDs are around somewhere but I don’t know if Lenovo has that feature available in their S10 line of laptops. If they did, I’m not sure how safe the screens would be. And I’m sure that the laptop is probably expensive.

The second mistake are the reflections. I’m pretty sure that the laws of physics prevent reflections like that from occurring but who am I to make that statement. I’m sure that it looks cool and all but maybe Tiger Direct was low on budget and didn’t quite care too much about the reflections.

Anyway, Photoshop disaster or not, they’re giving away a free laptop every day until March 29. You can go here to sign up and enter. I think the contest is only opened to Canadian residences so if you’re one of us, you can enter once a day. Good luck!