This I Believe

I recently picked up a book called ‘This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Woman’ which is a collection of essays. It started out as being a radio broadcast back in 1951 hosted by Edward R. Murrow and now it has continued and turned into a book. It started with an “invitation […]

Zend Framework

I’ve finally got started on my project for the Internet Applications class. It’s good that I didn’t start earlier because if I did, I would have had to start over because the teacher wanted us to select a framework. I am used to creating things from scratch and if I made a mistake, I could […]

Homeless guy

Not too many people pay attention to the homeless people. Usually they try not to make eye contact as if they’re Medusa and they’ll turn you to stone if you look. Some people look at them in disgust and think that they’re faking the homeless status. And then there are people who avoid them by […]

Waste of time

I don’t quite understand the purpose of making an appointment and not keeping it. I’d assume that anyone who is professional enough to make an appointment would be professional enough to follow through. If they are not able to keep that appointment, I’d assume that they would call and give a reason why they can’t […]

The great debate

The debate between science and religion has always been something that had me somewhat fascinated. I like to hear both side of the argument but I am easily swayed towards science. I am not a man of faith nor do I have anything against it but I have to say that I cannot accept what […]

Photoshop disaster

There’s a website that I like to visit every now and then called “Photoshop Disasters” which has a collection of photoshopped pictures that don’t look quite right. It’s entertaining to see some of the things that you’ve probably seen before but never quite noticed. But ever since I started visiting that page, I take a […]