Roll up the rim…

… to play again!

My classmate and I have decided on a project for our Internet Applications class. I wanted to work on something that I could eventually improve on but I don’t think we have time for something like that. Instead, we’re taking advantage of the ‘Roll up the Rim’ game by Tim Horton’s to do a little data collecting. It’s nothing too impressive but it sounds like it something fun. Jenn suggested that I go forward with it so I took her advice and made the suggestion to my classmate.

Basically, the main purpose of our little web application is to collect data on the results of the game. Once we have enough data, we’ll attempt to calculate the odds of winning at each location. Obviously, our sample size isn’t large enough to guarantee the odds but it’s better than nothing. It’s more for personal use where you can start collect data on your own and see how you’re doing compared to everyone else.

I’m going to try and have it set up so that any registered user can sign up and start entering data. It’ll display the overage results and the individual results of each person. I’m a little curious to see how it goes. I hope that I can have it programmed in time. I have until the middle of April to get it done and presented.

Tim Horton’s has some of the ideas that I’ve mentioned on their site but I want to try and do it for myself. Maybe I can add to what they have. As I’m working on the project, you can track my progress. Eventually, a page for “Roll up the rim” will show up in the menu located at the right hand corner. It will slow get populated as data gets collected. For now, you should head on over to Roll up the rim to win to play their online games and enter their online draws. You might win something.