I’ve decided to take a few seconds and change the layout of my website. This one is called ‘Pixeled” and it was created by Sam Karathanos . I wanted to make my own but I didn’t have much time so this one will be a filler until I get a new one up and running. It’s veering away from what I usually create but it’s a fresh look on my site. This one happened to stand out a lot so I decided to download it and make it the theme.

At the moment, I am in the process of migrating my website so that my blog will be the first page that you hit. The format that I have now was something that I created a long time ago but it’s a little outdated. WordPress provides similar functionality so I might as well use that. Why bother reinventing the wheel, right?

I don’t want to lose anything so I’ll be backing up a bunch of my files before performing the actual migration. I hope that all goes well and I don’t lose any of my posts and images. If they do go missing, I won’t know until I view all of my blog entries again.

The Pixeled theme will be used until my theme comes up. I’m hoping to design a theme that’s can easily be manipulated and updated. I’m trying to follow the standards so that it can easily be maintained but sometimes I get into the habit of going my own way. WordPress themes has a certain naming convention used so I’m hoping to follow that.

I’ve got caught up with work and school so updating the site is going to be a little hard but I hope that I’ll finish on time. I’ve got Reading Week coming up so it’s a bit of free time that I can use to create something. So we’ll see what happens.