Let it be done

As you can see, it looks like the migration was successful. I had some problems with some of the posts linking to the old address of “donkhuth.com/blog” but I found a little SQL statement that replaced everything so that it points to the new address. It was a quick little UPDATE query that updated 2,200 records and completed in a matter of seconds. All of the images were moved over to the right folder and their links were updated accordingly so every image should be displaying properly.

The only thing that I had to do was update a few settings for Google Analytic. I’ve reset the counter so it’ll be collecting a fresh set of data. A bunch of other settings had to be configured as well for security purposes. This site should be a lot quicker and more secure than before. I hope that managing the site will be a lot easier than before.

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  1. Daravuth, you are one of the best critics that I have out there. If it wasn’t for you and your complaints, I wouldn’t have any pressure to try and make things better.

    Thanks man!

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