Cancel my order please

A couple of nights ago, there was a listing on Red Flag Deals about a Lexmark wireless printer. The printer cost $59.99 and came with a 4GB USB drive. On top of that, there was also a $50 rebate so in the end, you just pay for the taxes and shipping which came out to just under $15. It was a pretty good price for a wireless printer and even though I didn’t need one at the time, the price was a little too low to pass up.

I placed the order, typed in my credit card information and received a confirmation email that my order has been placed. I made a payment from my chequing account to my credit card just so I don’t building my credit card up again and to save myself some time later on.

A couple of days ago by and I check my credit card statement to see if the charges for the printer were made but they weren’t. I thought that maybe the store hasn’t charged my credit card yet because the order hasn’t been processed. This might turn out to be a bad thing because if the order isn’t processed on time, it would mean that the rebate isn’t valid.

I received an email today from someone in regards to my online order. The email stated that the store was out of the printer and did not know when they’ll get some more stock. They asked if I wanted another product or cancel my order. Along with that message came a little email thread as well because whoever sent the email from the store didn’t blind carbon copy but carbon copied everyone.

A couple of people on that list were pissed off at the level of professionalism of the store because now their email addresses were exposed. I, on the other hand couldn’t care less who has my email address. It’s just an email address and I have a junk mail filter so if I didn’t want email from someone, I’ll just filter them out. This email ended up going into my junk mailbox first before I saw it. And just because the store CC everyone on the list, there’s no need to stoop to their level and reply to everyone on that list. The first guy to respond was kind enough to BCC everyone though. I simply replied to the store and asked them to cancel my order. I don’t have any reason to tell fifty people that I’m going to cancel my order.

Everyone on that list is probably a real person, placing real orders so it’s not like they’re going to spam you with junk mail. I’m not going to save a list of emails for people whom I’ve never met. I understand that some people are mad that their email address were released but I think it’s more annoying that I’m getting email from people who are complaining that their email address was released. One person said:

nice. this is the FIRST AND LAST time im doing my business with this shitty company. thanks so fucking much for letting all these people know my personal email.

you bet you can cancel my order…. and any other orders ill make in the future. oh wait, there arent gonna be any!!! haha.

Nice one Adam btw, im pretty sure this IS the RFD list.

Hey CanadaComputers, get yourself a decent customer service for a change and get your head out of that fucking ass of yours.

…I’ll be waiting for my gift card

I think that this person is just asking for attention with this smart alec response. It’s as if they’re screaming, “Hey look at me! This email is actually valid so spam me all you want!” Out of the fifty or so people, only three has replied to the thread. This person wanted to voice their opinion but they didn’t have the decency to BCC everyone on the list so they’re pretty much being a hypocrite. I just fired off an email back to the store and just asked them to cancel my order. I didn’t pay for the item yet so I don’t have any reason to be mad. I’m not wasting money.

I guess the way the store sent out this email is somewhat a privacy issue but I don’t think it’s all that bad. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong but someone getting a hold of your email address isn’t like getting a hold of your identity. Email addresses can randomly be created by some spambot as long as they know the host’s naming convention. For all we know, is a valid email address and can probably be spammed. If you want to remain anonymous and hidden, don’t reply to emails that are sent to you because once you’ve responded, you’ve just confirmed that your email address is being used. I’m probably taking this issue very lightly so your opinion might differ from mine.

What’s your say in the matter?