WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane”

A while ago, I upgraded my back-end to the latest version of WordPress and I’d have to say that there are some good and bad to it. They’ve changed the appearance of the admin section of the site but I’ve noticed some speed issues. It looks like everything is more organized this time around but I guess that came with a price.

The first thing that I’ve noticed after the upgrade was the look and feel of things. Instead of having the main menu running along the top, they’ve been moved over to the left hand side. And the sub menus are neatly packed underneath the main menus. The layout reminds me of the way that the Mac OS looks. I guess everyone is trying to imitate Mac these days.
In this version, you’re given the option of what you want to be displayed on the dashboard. I like to hear about recent WordPress development but I’m not always a fan of the other WordPress news. And you can easily move things around if you don’t like where they are. I like the location of each section so I didn’t move them anywhere.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the plugins that I have activated but things appears to be more automated this time around which is nice. Before I would have to download the latest version, unzip it and then upload the new files to the server. Now, I just click on a link and it’ll do all of that for me which saves me a lot of time.

The nice thing about this version is that it’s more helpful and I find that I’m more productive and I’m writing a lot more. As you can see, I have at least five posts that are currently in draft mode. As I’m writing this, I have about 11 draft entries that are waiting for me to complete. I don’t have much time to write things but I find that I’m starting to get more ideas as to what to write about.