President Obama

I managed to catch parts of President Obama’s Inauguration speech and I’d have to say that he knows how to talk to the people. I’ve always thought that he had the voice for speaking to the public. Everything that he says is very fluid and each paragraph seem to flow very nicely into the next. His speech yesterday was very well written.

President Obama has a lot of work to do after the mess that the last administration left. The country is at war, their economy is falling apart and people are going through some very hard times. They need a leader to get them out of this mess and President Obama is the man who’s going to lead them to the light. He had promised change and I believe that he will deliver it.

During his speech, President Obama said just about everything that could be said. He reached out to the American people and told them what they needed to hear. I’m not even American and I followed his campaign. I didn’t even follow Canadian politics as much as I follow President Obama’s campaign. Goes to show how boring the Canadian government is compared to the American government.

As always, there are going to be a person who aren’t fans of the 44th president but that’s what those people do best. Nothing pleases them so they have to add in their negative feedback. These people obviously don’t know what’s going on this world. For the past eight years, there was a president in power who didn’t seem to care about the people. Now comes one who’s will to involve the people in making decision for the country. The change that the country needed was to give the power back to the people. One person does not run the country alone.

The part of the inauguration speech that seemed to stand out was when President Obama said “we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.” That alone says a lot.

On a side note, I visited the White House’s website for the first time and it looks pretty good. I caught a glance at Bush’s website and it’s not as clean as President Obama’s. Plus I’ve read that the robots.txt version of the new site is very clean compared to the last one. There’s even a blog on there with entries as early as 12:01pm because officially Obama became president as 12:00pm. It sort of looks like they were in a hurry to get rid of Bush.