Nice to see you again

My friends and I decided to get together for lunch after what seems like years. I can’t believe that it has been so long since we’ve seen each other. It seems like so much as change and so many things are happening since our last meeting. It’s really nice to keep in touch with people to see what’s going on in their lives.

The setting for this get together was Boston Pizza. I was the last to arrive because apparently Boston Pizza had moved and was no longer located where I thought it was. I had to give my friend, Mona a call to see where it was. I was hoping to get there early but as usual, I’m the last to arrive because of my bad sense of direction.

When I walked into the restaurant, I asked the hostess if they saw a party of four walk in, three girls and a guy. They couldn’t help me but they told me that I could walk around looking for my friends if I wanted to. I took a step inside, glanced around the restaurant but couldn’t recognize anyone at first because I didn’t have my glasses on. I was squinting the best I could but I couldn’t see any faces that I recognized.

It wasn’t until they put up their hands that I saw them. I walked over and was a little surprised with what I saw. Sally was sitting in the corner. Mona had brought her fiance, Amardeep. Michelle was sitting across from Mona and Ryan was sitting beside Michelle. I wasn’t expecting to see Ryan there since no one told me. But to my surprise, they were dating which is awesome.

We chit chat a little bit to catch up with each other. It seems like everyone was doing just fine. They’re all working and they’re doing something relatively close to what we all went to school for. All of us except for Amardeep went to Mohawk and took the software engineering course.

I didn’t meet Sally and Mona until the second semester. Sally was sort of easy going but likes to pick fights with me every now and then. Well, I think it might have been the other way around since she could never answer my questions. Mona was also easy to get along with because she grew up around guys so she was almost like one of the guys. You don’t find too many girls who are into guy stuff and yet still a girl.

Michelle, I’ve seen around since first semester because she was in the computer lab a lot and she had worked at McDonald’s which I go to quite frequently during my college days. But I didn’t really know her until half way into the whole program. Ryan, I’ve also seen around a few times as well. I thought he was part of the rich kid because when I first saw him, he was hanging around with this group that seems like they’re the in crowd.

As we were talking, Sally pulls out a gift bag and pushes it across the table. It was sitting in front of Michelle so I thought that she had given it to Michelle for something. As it turns out, it was a late birthday present for me. Sally likes to get me drunk even though I don’t drink much. Last year she got me a bottle of Sambuca but this year it was a bottle of Chardonnay. Good year…
Over lunch, we caught up with each other to see how everyone is doing. We talked about work, asked if we’ve seen any of the other people and asked about plans for the future. It was nice to know that we’ve managed to keep in touch after college. These days, even with all of the social networking sites out there, it’s still hard to keep in touch. Yes, you can post something on someone’s wall or fire off an email to see how they’re doing but there’s something about face-to-face interaction that makes things a lot better. It’s nice to keep in touch to see how well some people are doing. If they’re not doing so well, I’m sure that they’ll find comfort in your courage words. If it’s possible, I would like to keep in touch with some of my college friends on a yearly basis. I’m sure that a lot will change in that time.

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  1. Hey Don…it was so great seeing all of you guys too!!! I’m so glad we made plans to get together! We’ll do it again soon…after I’m a married women you guys can come over to our place!!! 🙂

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