Don’t quit your day job

I like working at my present job. It has flexible hours, easy going coworkers and a nice little pay cheque that gets me by. And the fact that I like my job so much, it helps make the day go by faster. I’ve got a lot to do to keep me busy and a variety of different things to take care of so it’s hard for me to get bored. There aren’t too many people in my position.

Every now and then I’ll hear about my friends going back to school. As soon as they tell me, I immediately ask whether they are going into a field that they like or they’re just going into it because the demand for that field is high. Some of them will tell me that they’re in it because they like it but there are those who seem like they’re in it for the job.

It’s hard to find a job these days so if you’re going to look for a job, it’s best to find something that you like. Working at a full time job means that you’ll be spending eight hours of your day there and that’s a lot of time. You spend eight hours work, eight hours sleeping and that leaves the other eight hours to do personal things. If you have to commute, you might as well take off about two hours so you’ll be left with six hours to yourself. And if you have to go home and prepare dinner, that’s another couple of hours, gone. So on a given day, you have about four hours to do whatever you want. That’s not that much time.

Since you’re wasting eight hours of your day at work, you might as well enjoy them. I remember when I worked out in Brantford at a job that I didn’t like. At the time, I was off work for a month and I couldn’t take it anymore so I took the first job that came up. The first few days at the job seemed fine but the longer I work there the more dreaded it. Every car ride to work felt like an anxiety attack and I didn’t like it.

But during hard time, you have to take what you’re given in order to make ends meet. You can take any job, just don’t lose sight of that dream job. It took me two years to get the job that I’m at now. There were times when I didn’t feel like applying because I didn’t believe that I had enough experience to get in but I tried anyway.

I asked my coworker why they selected me out of all the other candidates and he told me that I knew my material. Yes, the other candidate did have more experience than I did but I stood out. They weren’t looking for someone who had years of experience. They were looking for a team player so in order to be a team player, you had to fit in during that interview. I guess I hammered that nail on the head there because I had enough chemistry to get myself hired.

I don’t know what I’d be doing if I didn’t get that job. I’d probably be working out in Mississauga for a few more months before getting laid off so it was a good thing that I left before that happened. I’m not sure how much longer I would have been applying to different jobs before I gave up. The only thing that made me find a better job was the fact that I didn’t want to waste all that time going to school for something and not find a job in the field. But when you’re education is limited, you have two choice. You can carry on with your current job or you can go back to school and upgrade you skills. The latter would be the wise choice because it’ll give you more opportunities.