Asus Eee 701SD: Ubuntu Eee

After playing around with the Eee PC for a while, I’ve decided that Xandros was not enough to do everything so I installed Ubuntu Eee. This distro gave me a bit more flexibility and control but not everything worked out of the box. I assumed that since the distro was made for the Asus Eee PC, everything should have been working as soon as the installation completed but unfortunately, that was the case.

The one thing that I was hoping to work right away was the wireless card. I think that the main reason to get an Eee PC was for their mobility, it would help if the wireless card worked. The network card worked without any problems but the wireless did not. It wasn’t hard to install the drivers and get it up and running.

The layout is slightly different from Xandros where it had tabs, Ubuntu had a similar thing going only it was vertical. All of the shortcuts were placed in the middle of two columns and they were sorted according. There were many differences software wise since it came bundled with pretty much the same thing. So basically, I don’t have much else to add to my previous review about the Eee PC. All I can say so far is that everything operating system that I’ve installed onto the netbook has last about a week so far. So here are some pretty little screenshots of what Ubuntu Eee looks like. I’m sure that you can find these online somewhere but while you’re here, you might as well look at these.