Up another notch

Here we go again with another year gone. I’m a year older once again and I’m not sure what has changed. I think that I’m in the same position as I was last year with the exception of school. So it looks like I’m doing just as well as last year.

To tell you the truth, turning twenty eight isn’t that much of a difference than turning twenty five. I think that after I turned twenty five, I stopped counting how old I am. I don’t know like I’m a year older and I don’t think I’m acting like I’m a year older but according to the calendar, I am.
January 13, 2009
Since I don’t feel that much older, I think that my body feels it. After going skiing and snowboarding, I’m still feeling the effects of it. My body isn’t healing itself as fast as it once did. I thought that a week was all it took to recover from all the wipe outs but apparently, that’s not the case. A week later, I am still slightly in pain.

I went snowboard on the weekend and I felt the pain after my first wipe out. I think I might be slight popped my shoulder out of place because it hurts when I rotate my arms. As I type this, I’m feeling a slight pain along my forearm. When I go to stretch, I can feel every single muscle pull along my arm which makes it hard to move.

Also, I’ve noticed that my sleep pattern has changed a little. I’m sleeping a lot earlier than before. I’m having trouble staying up pass midnight. My Cambodian bedtime starts around 11:00 PM nowadays. Anything after that and my eye lids will start to feel very heavy.

Maybe it’s a sign of the times or maybe it’s just me being lazy and wanting to get to bed early but my body is changing ever so slightly. I think I should start taking better care of my body in case I am starting to wear it out a little. Because 30 is just around the corner. Come to think about it, that’s a little scary.