Plenty of space

I’ve got a little rant about the bar on the corner of my street. They’ve been there since I’ve moved into my current house and usually I don’t have any problems with them. Lately, it seems like they’re starting to annoy a little more each day. I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do about it.

Last year, I didn’t have any problems with the bar other than the fact that they have a patron who likes to rev his motorcycle engine really loud. To make matters worse, he doesn’t just turn the corner and leave. He thinks it’s funny to ride down the street, wake up everyone and then turn the corner. One of these days, I want to egg his bike just so I can get even.

This year, it seems like it has gotten worse with things. First off, the winter is worse this year than last year. It’s hard to find a parking spot with all that snow on the ground. The thing that has me a little ticked off is the fact that the bar patrons parks on the street instead of the parking lot. If any of the residents part in the parking lot, we get yelled at. Where the hell are we supposed to park when all of the parking spots are taken by the people who go to the bar?

When there’s a snow storm, I can’t get into my backyard to park on my property because the ally way is covered with snow. It’s easier for me to park on the street than to try and plow my way through the snow. The guy that works at the bar wouldn’t even let me park in their parking lot for five minutes while I shovel myself a parking spot. Oh no, he won’t allow that. The bar parking lot is for people who go into the bar and nobody else.
Parking lot
Maybe he should tell that to the patrons who park on the street and taking up spots for the residents. Right now, my car is parked on the street across from the bar’s parking lot. As I look out the window, there’s someone parked behind me (and possibly boxed me in). The driver got out of the car and walked towards the bar.

I’m not sure what the residents on my street will have to do in order to ensure that we have a spot to park for the night. The people at the bar are usually there very late into the night so we have to drive around looking for stuff. It’s not fair that they have a parking lot at their disposal and yet they park on the street, preventing the rest of us from parking.