I’ll be missing you

Here we go again with Jenn and I parting ways. Every time it happens, it’s never easy. This time around, things went a little wrong and I got worried. The last couple of weeks were terrific and we both had a good time together so I didn’t want to end it on a sour note.

Yesterday, we met up with some friends. We had lunch at Swiss Chalet with a couple of friends and then met up with another later on that night. We did what we had to do and then went home to pack. We were up pretty late last night, much like every other night before the flight. In a way, it’s good for Jenn because she’ll have to readjust to Hong Kong’s time which is about a twelve hour difference. Before going to bed, I set the alarm on my clock and on my cell phone. The alarm clock would beep whereas the cell phone would vibrate. With the combination of the two, I was pretty sure that we would wake up on time.

We woke up in the early morning and it was still dark. Well, Jenn woke up and I always wake up when she stirs in bed. She asked me what time it up so I went to get the alarm clock. My eyes were still adjusting to the light so I wasn’t sure if the clock read 8:00 AM or something else. I was a little confused but when I told Jenn, she started to panic a little and so did I. The flight was scheduled for 8:00 AM and if it’s 8:00 AM, that would have meant Jenn had missed her plane.

I went to look for my phone to double check because it had an LCD that would light up. My worries lessened a bit when I saw that it was only 7:00 AM but that didn’t stop me from worrying. It left us with an hour to get out of the house and drive up to Toronto Pearson’s airport. I didn’t have time to think so I didn’t bother. I scurried around looking for some pants, a shirt and Jenn’s luggage. Jenn grabbed belongs and did her own thing. After I quickly got dressed, I went out to the car and put the luggage in the back and drove the car to the front.

Usually when things like this happens, I know that Jenn’s upset with me and I’ve learned that if something happens and it’s somewhat my fault, I have to take full responsibility for it. I used to make excuses and try to come up with reasons as to why it’s not my fault but there’s no one else to blame so there’s no point in coming up with an excuse.

We drove towards Toronto as fast as we could but stayed relatively close to the speed limit. Every time I glanced at the clock, I sped up a bit faster. Jenn called the airlines to see if there was a chance that the flight would be delayed but with my luck, it was scheduled to leave on time.

In the panic of everything, we didn’t have time to check to make sure we had everything. I had the suitcase and Jenn had the flight itinerary and that was all we needed at the time. The things that we forgot were Jenn’s cell phone which had a Hong Kong SIM card in it and the camera stuff that I got Jenn for Christmas. But these items were the least of our worries. We had a plane to catch and I wanted to get Jenn on that plane.

I don’t want to sound like I wanted to get rid of her but I had to get her on that plane. It’s bad enough that we slept in let alone have to worry about paying for another ticket. Jenn’s flight connects in Vancouver so we did had an alternative plan if we missed this plane.

Usually Jenn would flip and freak out on me but I think she has softened up a bit and went easy on me this time. I’m going to miss her while she’s away. I’m not too sure when I’ll get a check to go back to Hong Kong again but I’ve got a lot of making up to do for today. I was hoping that her stay here would be pleasant and we wouldn’t get into any arguments and this happens. Just when things are going my way, something happens to throw it all off.

Before going to bed, I somehow found a song on YouTube. As Jenn was walking by, she asked me for a dance so we danced a little. As soon as we got close I could hear her crying. I can’t hold back my own tears when she starts crying so I let it out a bit. Being a guy, I try to hide it but I forgot that there were mirrors on the opposite side of me. Of course, Jenn saw me cry a little but didn’t say anything. Hearing Jenn cry and listening to the song had me crying for a bit too. It’s going to be a long time before we’re back in each other’s arms but I think we can cope with it just fine.