Code of conduct

I’ve been working in IT for about two years now at my present company but I’m not sure if I qualify as a professional yet. I’m not even sure what qualifies a person to being a professional. I assume that it’s someone who has worked in the industry for a while using the education and […]

Cancel my order please

A couple of nights ago, there was a listing on Red Flag Deals about a Lexmark wireless printer. The printer cost $59.99 and came with a 4GB USB drive. On top of that, there was also a $50 rebate so in the end, you just pay for the taxes and shipping which came out to […]

Free money

I’m not sure if there are a lot of people out there who are aware that they’re able to get free money. There are things that you can take advantage of to get you a little bit ahead so I’m not sure why they’re not doing it. But then again, I think that people aren’t […]

President Obama

I managed to catch parts of President Obama’s Inauguration speech and I’d have to say that he knows how to talk to the people. I’ve always thought that he had the voice for speaking to the public. Everything that he says is very fluid and each paragraph seem to flow very nicely into the next. […]