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I was contacted by an editor of requesting if they could use one of my photographs in their upcoming guide. I’ve never been approached before to have my photographs used in any sort of publication but it’s a cool feeling to have. My work isn’t the best but some of the pictures that I’ve taken are worth of being released to the public.

Emma Williams, Managing Editor of Schmap Guides contacted me at the beginning of December asking if my photograph of Casa Loma could be used in their upcoming guide of Toronto. I think the guides are online and not in print. It’d be nice if it was in print because that way I can have a hardcopy to show that my work is good enough.

The picture that I took was a front view of the entrance into Casa Loma. I tried to frame the whole castle but in order to do that I would have to cross the street. If I cross the street, it would have introduced a few obstacles in the way. I liked the way the picture turned out though. I didn’t have time to properly frame everything but since it’s a digital camera, I didn’t have to worry too much. That’s the difference between a film photographer and a digital photographer. Although, it is still important to set up your picture properly, with a digital camera, you don’t have to worry too much about it. Just point, shoot and crop it later.
Casa Loma

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  1. That’s a gorgeus photo! And congratulations on getting it published too! I have a photo published in the Schmap guide from Ireland as well (University of Cork)…unfortunately they don’t have a print guide, but you can download the online version to your ipod phone/ipod touch and use it along with your GPS thing if i’m not wrong… still good to have your name out there. I suggest taking screen caps or saving the links they send you when they confirm publication 🙂

  2. I’ve seen some of our pictures and I have to say that they look spectacular. There were a few pictures that I recognized because I was in that area before but your picture came out a lot better than mind because you had a better angle.

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