That’s my spot

Every year, I have to deal with other people stealing my parking spot. I guess it’s probably my fault for not putting up a sign but it should be common sense not to park in other people’s property without their permission. It’s hard to find a spot in my neigbhourhood around this time of year, especially when there’s a lot of snow on the streets. The parking spot in the backyard is there for a reason.

My neighbours are stupid and some of them can’t park properly. Jenn was yelled at by some old hag because she supposedly took up two parking spots. When there’s snow on the road, who’s to say who’s taking up more than one spot. Once you get into a parking spot, that’s about all you can’t do. It’s hard enough to maneuver around the snow banks to fit the car in let alone move it around afterward. After you’ve move into position, it’s easier to just stay there than try making room for others. With the way that my neighbours are shoveling snow, we’re lucky there’s any room at all.

We came home one right and found a spot in the front. Usually we don’t like to park there because space is limited and my friend has to park on the street so we try to save him a spot. If we take the street, he knows to take the spot in the backyard. Unfortunately, this particular night, someone else took the spot that’s reserved for us on our property.
This van somehow found its way to that parking spot without asking us. I don’t think it’s my neighbour to the left because his friends usually have cars or arrives in a cab. Plus, he knows better to tell me than to let his friend randomly park in my spot. That’s what good neighbours do, they talk to each other and let each other know what’s going on. The owner of the van didn’t care whose property he was park in so long as he got to park.

I wrote the owner a note asking them not to park in my spot again because the next time they do park there, they might get a ticket. I’m going to have to call the bylaw office and ask them how I can ticket a vehicle that’s parked on my property. The owner of the van is lucky that it’s their first offense and that the bylaw officers have the day off or else I would have called and got their car ticketed or towed.