A little help please

I find that some of my neighbour are pretty good people. They are pleasant and easy to get along with. The others don’t appear to be too friendly. Maybe it takes a little time to get to know them but it’s been almost two years and I’ve only made friends with a handful of them.

There was a little snow storm today and we were hit with about 30cm of snow. Some of you might be thinking, “30 cm is a little?” Yes, 30cm is a little. We’ve had snow storms where it snowed up to your knees. One year, it snowed so much that I was able to make a little tunnel in from of my house from the sidewalk to the garage door and have enough room to crawl around in it. It was almost like an igloo with a long walk way.

When it snows this much, it’s a pain for people who drives because the roads are crazy. What I don’t quite understand is why the road conditions are like that. This warning was broadcasted over the radio and on television and yet the city waits until it actually snows to send out the plows. Whether or not it snows, the streets should have been salted ahead of time. The plows don’t come out until it snows but by then it’s already too late. If it only snowed in one area of the city then yes, the plows coming out late is okay. But that’s now how Mother Nature intends for snow to fall.

I was unfortunate enough to go into work today but the employees from out of town got the day off. My coworker already knew that he wasn’t coming in today because he heard about the storm. I’m not sure where the city workers were when this announcement was made. If you were to look at the streets, you’d think that this was the first time that it snowed in Hamilton. The only roads that get plowed are the main streets while the smaller streets are left to fend for themselves. And to make matters worse, some of my stupid neighbours think it’s a good idea to shovel snow onto the street.

The people on my street aren’t the brightest of the bunch. I’ve whined about this last year because I remember. The neighbours who own a snow blower aren’t nice enough to plow the whole sidewalk. They plow only up to a certain point and that’s it. It would have been nice if they went another ten feet and plowed the sidewalk in front of my house as well but I don’t know what makes them stop. Oddly enough, the whole sidewalk is plowed except the section in front of my house. I had to go out there and shovel it myself. I don’t mind shoveling but when you’re more fortunate than other, at least be generous enough and help the less fortunate.

After shoveling my sidewalk I wanted to get it salted so that if it snows any more, I won’t have to shovel as much. I didn’t want to get into my car because I was already parked but at the time, I was parking in the bar’s parking lot. I didn’t want to stay there because sooner or later, I’ll get yelled at. I got into my car and drove to Canadian Tire to grab a bag of salt. Unfortunately, when I got there, it was closed due to the snow storm. Shit! I drove all the way there and it’s closed. Now I have to find a way to get back home and find myself a parking spot. I ended up driving around for an hour or so looking for something but I couldn’t find anything.

I decided that I’d take my chances and see if there was anything at my parent’s place. I was driving by my parent’s place and saw that my dad was outside plowing the whole street with his snow blower. He didn’t have to do it but he did because not too many people on that street have a snow blower. He plowed from one end of the street to the other which is about 100m long. After he was done plowing the sidewalk, he moved into to the streets. It was 8:00pm and he was still out there plowing. I wanted to go visit my parents but during this weather, it’s hard to find a parking spot.

When I got back home, there wasn’t any where to park. There was one spot but to parallel park into it would take someone with super powers like Superman. I was going to park in the bar’s parking lot and then shovel a path but the bartender screamed at me and told me not to park there. I explained to him that I was only parking there so I can shovel a path into the parking spot but he still wouldn’t let me park. I couldn’t blame him though because it’s the owner’s instruction. I had to get back into my car and try to shove my way in. I had to call my friend out and ask him for help. It took us about 30 minutes before we were able to squeeze into that spot. Now I’m just worried about getting out.