IE vulnerability

There has been words of a security flaw in Internet Explorer (IE) that could allow hackers access to your computer. This flaw is possibly present in ALL version of IE. A lot of computers have already been compromised and some of them might not even know it. It is recommended that anyone using IE switch over to another browser in order to avoid being a victim.

Microsoft doesn’t recommend you do that because of one security flaw but I say you do it anyway. Until they get this flaw fixed, it’s risky to be using it. Microsoft should be considering the risk to their users instead of themselves. It’s like an Olympian getting caught using drugs and saying “Don’t disqualify me just because I’m the only one who got caught using drugs.” IE probably accounts for about 50% of the browser market so there’s that many people who could be put at risk.
Internet Explorer 7
According to the analytic stats of my site, IE accounts for 1/3 of the users who visit here. I am not sure who you are but until Microsoft fixes this vulnerability, you should start using another browser for the time being.