Pick up

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been waiting for a couple packages to come in. The sender gave me a tracking number so I can see where the package was every step of the way. I tracked it down until it arrived to my city. I’m very disappointed with the couriers because they didn’t notify me that the package was available. If I didn’t have the tracking information, the package would have probably been sent back to the sender.

I put in an order for a Christmas present from Dell and I was anxious to get the package because I had to configure it and make sure that everything is working properly. I didn’t want to give the gift and have it not working right so I had to get it as soon as possible. The order was placed at the end of November with an expected delivery date of December 3rd. I tried the package from the time it left Dell until the time it reached the postal office.

The package was delivered on the date that Dell estimated. It left the U.S. and arrived in Canada in a day or two. On December 5th, they made a delivery attempt but I was at work at the time so of course, I wouldn’t be home to accept it. I saw that they made the attempt and went home for lunch to see if they left me a delivery notice but when I got home, all I found in the mail box was mail. Usually the delivery notification is glued to the door but this time, there was nothing. I assumed that maybe the courier would try to deliver the package again before the end of the day but when I got home around 5:30pm, there was still no notice.

I called the depot where the package was returned to and asked them if it was possible to pick up a package if I didn’t have the delivery notice and they said that I could as long as I had the package number and some identification. I jumped into my car and drove quickly to the depot.

This week, I’m waiting for another package as well and again, there was no delivery notification. This one took a little longer to get here because it’s not from a big company like Dell. It’s being shipped via USPS so once it enters into the country Canada Post takes care of it and delivers it. Usually they’re pretty good with the delivery notification but late they haven’t left me anything.

They tried to deliver something yesterday but I wasn’t home. After that they dropped off the package at my local post office. After seeing that, I was puzzled as to why a delivery notification wasn’t left on my door. The tracking system says that a notification was left but I didn’t see any. Plus it even says that it was left in Stoney Creek. I don’t live in Stoney Creek so someone messed up somewhere.

I don’t know if maybe someone’s coming to my house and stealing the notice or if the courier didn’t bother to leave one at all. How else am I supposed to know that there’s a package waiting for me at the postal office if nobody says anything? Some delivery companies call you but not all of them have that service. And they’ll only call you if your phone number is available.