Done for the semester

I am finally free for the year from any more studying. I had two exams this week that were one a day after the other. This didn’t give me much time to study. What makes it even harder to study is the fact that I’m working full time. I’m not 100% sure whether or not I passed the exam but I think I needed very little to pass the course. I’m hoping that I did well enough on the exam to pass with a 70% average in both courses.

The Networking I exam was on Wednesday and I had a few days to prepare for it. The labs and assignments were helpful towards the final exam because it was a way for me to study. But when it came time for me to sit down and actually write the exam, I blanked out a first. I skipped the first few pages and went straight to the part where I knew what I was doing. There were a few questions regarding Spanning Tree Protocol and since it was a topic that was still fresh in my head, I started there.

As I went on towards the end of the exam, there were some questions from the mid-term exam like VLSM which almost eluded me. It took a while for me to remember most of that stuff. There were a lot of subjects covered from day one and to remember everything was pretty hard. There was at least a page on the exam that I left blank because I didn’t recall any of it. The professor said that we could have written down a joke and if he liked it, he’d give us a mark or two but during an exam, I don’t have time to think of something funny. I was too worried on passing the course.

I could have spent the last half hour of the exam writing down corny jokes but I had to go pee so I left. I brought a drink with me into the exam in case I got really thirsty but before that I had a cup of coffee and that’s probably what made me want to go. Anyway, I left the exam feeling somewhat confident that I passed the course. I’ll be taking Networking II next semester if I pass this course. The next time around, I know how the professor marks things so I’ll probably get better marks.

The OB exam was a whole other story. I did no studying whatsoever because I had no time at all. I tried to study during the day but it’s hard to study when you’re at work, especially when you’re in I.T because something is always going wrong. My strategy was to read the summary of every chapter so it’ll give me an idea as to what’s going to be on the same. It was mostly multiple choice questions but that’s only half of the exam. The other half were paragraph formed answers.

I was worried going into the same because I did very little studying but by the time I was finished, I felt a little better because I received the results of my term paper. I received a B- which is something like a 70% so if I add that to my mid-term mark, I could have failed the exam and still pass the course. But I didn’t want to just pass the course. I wanted a good mark to keep my average high.

Now that I’m done with everything, I can relax a little and just kick back. School has got me so stressed out that I can’t think. I worry at night because I haven’t been studying and the closer it got to exam the more I worried. Now that I have a load off my mine, I can start worry about something else… Christmas.