Nice picture

I was contacted by an editor of requesting if they could use one of my photographs in their upcoming guide. I’ve never been approached before to have my photographs used in any sort of publication but it’s a cool feeling to have. My work isn’t the best but some of the pictures that I’ve […]

That’s my spot

Every year, I have to deal with other people stealing my parking spot. I guess it’s probably my fault for not putting up a sign but it should be common sense not to park in other people’s property without their permission. It’s hard to find a spot in my neigbhourhood around this time of year, […]

Stupid neighbour

Today was a fairly warm day which caused the snow to melt slowly. It was warm enough that it rain which made the snow a little heavy but at the same time it made it easier to shovel. Before going to work this morning, I decide to shovel a bit of the snow and make […]

A little help please

I find that some of my neighbour are pretty good people. They are pleasant and easy to get along with. The others don’t appear to be too friendly. Maybe it takes a little time to get to know them but it’s been almost two years and I’ve only made friends with a handful of them. […]

IE vulnerability

There has been words of a security flaw in Internet Explorer (IE) that could allow hackers access to your computer. This flaw is possibly present in ALL version of IE. A lot of computers have already been compromised and some of them might not even know it. It is recommended that anyone using IE switch […]

Pick up

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been waiting for a couple packages to come in. The sender gave me a tracking number so I can see where the package was every step of the way. I tracked it down until it arrived to my city. I’m very disappointed with the couriers because they didn’t […]

Done for the semester

I am finally free for the year from any more studying. I had two exams this week that were one a day after the other. This didn’t give me much time to study. What makes it even harder to study is the fact that I’m working full time. I’m not 100% sure whether or not […]