Token Vietnamese wedding

A couple of weekends ago, I attend my friend’s wedding in Mississauga. It was a dark and rainy night which isn’t much of a setting for weddings but nonetheless, they went through with it. He’s known as the token Vietnamese guy in our group because during high school, he was the only Vietnamese guy that we hung out with and we were Cambodian. We had a token China man as well but he’s not married yet so let’s not worry about him.

My friend, Kevin called a bunch of us out one night to hand out wedding invitations. We were a little surprised by it because the last time we saw him, I’m sure he was single. He went from being single, to finding a girlfriend and then getting himself hitched. And I think he managed to do all of that within a year or so. But you know what? Good for him.

Left to right: 2n, Tien, Savann, Kevin, Voeun, Vinh, Ricky, Me

The wedding was scheduled for 6:00pm but I arrived around 6:30pm so I thought I was a little late. I should have known that parties don’t always start on time. People were coming and things didn’t get started until close to 8:00pm. By that time, I was starting to get a little hungry because I hadn’t eaten all day. I was so busy with assignments that I missed out on lunch.

When the wedding go started, the host (and wedding singer) introduced the parents, maid of honour and groomsman and the bride and groom. When the host introduced herself, I thought she said her name was Suzy but she clarified and said it was Sushi. Her partner’s name was Wasabi. Sushi and Wasabi, get it? Yeah…

The parents of the bride and groom gave their speeches and then the bride and groom gave their speeches. Actually, the groom gave the speech because the bride was a little shy. He said some kind words and thanked everyone for their attendance. After all these years that I’ve known him, he still has a pretty strong fob accent.

The party went until close to midnight. I had a couple of beers to drink but surprisingly, I wasn’t affected at all. Usually, after one or two beers, I’d start to get a little headache which is my queue to stop drinking but this time I didn’t feel anything. Since the party was coming to an end we all wanted a group picture commemorating the special night. We took a few shots but I haven’t seen the other pictures yet. I’ll have to ask him to see some more.

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  1. hahaha! sushi and wasabi… well we have plenty of strange names here as you know…things like pepsi, ghost, pizza (people i’ve worked with) and so on… keeps things interesting i think lol

  2. Those are actually people’s name? I like Pepsi and all but I wouldn’t go as far as naming myself that. But like you said, it would keep things interesting and it’d be a conversation starter for sure.

  3. Hahah! Yep, those names are real…Pizza was a director I worked in who called herself that just because she thought it would be funny. By far the most disgusting name I’ve heard though was Olansi…the girl came up with it as her “English name” but it’s nothing but a transliteration of “i have diarrhoea” or something similar in Cantonese… She thought it was incredibly amusing…oh and she’s 25 and came up with it when she was 20-21 when she entered university….flattering isn’t it? lol

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