Five years

Five years ago, on November 24, 2003, I registered with 1and1. I’m surprised that I’ve managed to keep the domain up for this long since most of the things that I’ve owned rarely lasts any longer than year. I’m happy that I’ve kept this site up since it’s a good way to keep my family and friends up-to-date with what’s going on with my life. I’m hoping that this site will continue to stay online for as long as I can. I hope that I don’t run out of ideas as to what to put on here so I’ll have to keep it updated as often as I can.

I’m not sure exactly why I decided to get myself a dot com. The dot com boom has long gone but something made me decide to register. I think at first, it was due to the promotion that 1and1 had which was to get free hosting for a year. All that I was responsible for was to pay for the domain main. At the time, the cost for a domain was $5.99 for the year. I didn’t see any reason not to get it so I signed up.

My friends and I signed up together so they become the first outgoing link from my site. I found it to be cool that I had a small little community going where my outbound links would be going to my friend’s website and their sites were linked to me. For a little while, I was hooked on the link that we built and I found myself going to check their site, only to find that they weren’t updating as often as I was.

After a while I stopped checking their site and concentrated on my own site. I started to become more and more interested with web design and Photoshop and the next thing I knew, I was working with Photoshop just about every day. I just loved the fact that I was able to create different designs using one software. Day and night, I would be on Photoshop, running tutorials and playing around with images. It didn’t take long before I tampered with Photoshop and used it to create web site layouts. The site that you see today is an amalgamation (pretty big word) of everything that I’ve learned throughout the years.

The last five years seems to have flown by very quickly. I can’t believe that I have over 800 blog posts already and I can probably get a whole bunch more if I had the time. If I keep writing the way that I have, there’s a good chance that I’ll have more blog posts than I do comments. So either I write a lot or I wrote a lot of useless entries that aren’t really thought provoking. I’m not going to let that stop me though. I’ll continue to post as many blog entries as I can until one day, I’ve said all that I needed to say.