Until 5:30 PM

Some people have a hard time grasping the concept of time. I’ve told a few people that I would be in the office until a certain time but they like to arrive at my desk at a later time. The definition of until is up to the time that or when. So when I say that I’ll be in the office until 5:30 PM, that usually means that I’ll be gone by 5:31 PM. I can’t believe some people expect me to wait for them.

I am a patient person but I prefer not to have to wait for people after I’ve given them a deadline. If a task takes twenty minutes to perform, I’d assume that I’d be performing that task twenty minutes before I leave. If I say that I’m leaving at 5:30, then I’d assume that they’d bring their laptops to my desk twenty minutes before 5:30. But unfortunately, that’s not the case here.

I’ve spoken with two managers and I’ve told them that I’ll be at my desk until 5:30. It’s about ten minutes to half past the hour and still nobody. I guess they like to put things off until the very last month. This is okay for them because they’re not the one that’s going to be stuck at work later than they should be. I have to sit around and get things done while they’re in their car driving home.

I’m not sure what it is about people and time. When you tell someone that you’ll be there in fifteen minutes, I would assume that you’ll be there in fifteen minutes. Otherwise, why tell them that you’re going to be fifteen minutes? Usually, if you make an appointment to be somewhere at a certain time, you should be there but it seems like time doesn’t matter.

I had a twelve o’clock appointment with my account manager at the bank and I arrived at the bank at twelve o’clock. When I took the receptionist that I had a twelve o’clock appointment she told me to have a seat and she’ll let the account manager know. I ended up sitting there for twenty minutes. At first I thought that he was with another client and it took a lot longer than expected but when he came out to get me, he told me he was on the phone. WTF! You don’t keep client waiting just so you can talk on the phone. I really didn’t want to talk to the guy about my account but I was only there to sign a few papers so I didn’t care.

I don’t think anyone should be sitting around waiting these days. There’s no reason to be late for anything. I went to a wedding recently that started at 6:00pm. It wasn’t a big wedding so things should have gotten started quite early but it didn’t start until 8:00pm. I had to sit around for a couple of hours as people started coming in. To me, that sounds a little disrespectful to the bride and groom. If the wedding started at 6:00pm and people were in line, waiting to go, I’d understand. But there was no line and people were coming in late. That’s just unacceptable.

I am late for appointments here and there but I’m learning to be on time. I don’t like to keep people waiting but it looks like I’m the one waiting by going there early. What’s the point of booking an appointment when the appointment isn’t right on time? I should probably book an earlier time and then go in late since that’s probably how it works these days.