I found out recently that I’ve been driving around town without an official driver’s license. How that came about, I am not exactly sure but I think somewhere down the road I must have forgotten to pay for some fines and they decided to suspend my license. I think they’ve warned me before suspending it but I was sure that I paid for all of the fines before leaving the country.

My friend gave me the number to her cousin who is an insurance broker. I gave her a call and asked for a quote. I figured that it’ll be something high but I had to start somewhere. I gave her my driver’s license number and she told me that she’ll call me back with more information. And when she did call back, I was expecting to hear what she told me.

Maria: I hope you’re sitting down for this.
Me: Oh, I’m sure it’s not that high.
Maria: It’s not the price that I’m going to tell you.
Me: Oh, then what is it?
Maria: Apparently, our system is showing you as being unlicensed.
Me: Uhh.. wh.. wha.. what do you mean?
Maria: I can’t give you a quote because it’s showing here that you don’t have a driver’s license.
Me: But I just gave you my driver’s license number and I’m holding my driver’s license.
Maria: I think you’re going to have to get this straightened out with the ministry. Just give them a call and ask them what’s going on. I’m sorry but without it, I can’t do anything on my end.
Me: Okay, I’ll give them a call and see what the deal is.

I dialed the number for the Ministry of Transportation (MOT) and after punching a few buttons, I was connected to an actual person. I inquired about the status of my driver’s license and the guy on the other line told me that my licensed was canceled for a year now. He recommended that I go into the office and get it reinstated. I didn’t ask any questions as to why it was canceled.

The last time I was pulled over for making an illegal right hand turn during rush hour, I was given a ticket. The officer at the time did not question the fact that my license was canceled. That incident occurred in the summer which clearly isn’t a year ago. Obviously, the Police Department’s database doesn’t not coincide with the ministry’s database because if it was, I would have received another ticket for not have a valid and up-to-date driver’s license. I think at the time, because the officer didn’t mention anything, I was in the clear with my driver’s license. If my license had been suspended in any way, I assume that he would have notified me but he didn’t so off I went on my merry way.

Fast forward to a few months down the road and I find out that I shouldn’t even be driving because I don’t have the proper documentation. In order to get reinstated, I had to go down to the MOT and pay a fee of $150. It’s a pretty heft price to pay to get my license reinstated given the fact that I had to do more work than the lady behind the counter. She swiped a few cards, hit a few keys and printed out a few papers. The transaction between her and I took less than five minutes and I was out of there. I can’t believe it cost $150 to have all of that done. It’s crazy. Someone must be making a lot of money from this.