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My Bell Sympatico internet connection was supposed to be ready to go as of yesterday. I’m assuming yesterday because that was the date that was specified on the welcome package. But when the day came, nothing was working.

I didn’t expect much from Bell because usually things aren’t as they say. The internet connection was supposed to be ready as of November 11, 2008 but that wasn’t the case. I waited until after work to test it out so I gave it plenty of time to activate but when I got home that night, the connection was still down. I didn’t want to call up Sympatico after business hours because I knew that I would get someone in India but nonetheless, I wanted to know what was wrong.

When I called the Tech Support number, I spoke with Raj who sounded like he was from India so I assumed that he was Indian. I told him what was wrong with the line and he went go to check some stuff in the system. When he returned, he asked me some simple questions and I gave him some simple answers. After that, he told me that my internet connection should be ready between 11:00pm to 12:00am. That didn’t make too much sense to me since those hours would sort of make the activation date November 12, 2008. When I questioned Raj about it, he didn’t have an answer and told me to just wait for a while. I waited and then went to bed.

By the time morning came, you can imagine my surprise when the connection was still down. The DSL light was still blinking which meant that the modem wasn’t picking up a DSL signal on my phone line. I can only assume that my line wasn’t activated on the DSL network or something. The lady that I spoke with to get the service didn’t say anything have sending someone over to get that turned on so it’s probably still off. So once again, I had to wait until after work to test the connection.

When I got home from night class, I checked the DSL light and it’s still blinking. So once again I call up Tech Support to find out what’s going on. This time I spoke with Ram. He went through the same questions that the previous rep asked and by the end of the call, my DSL light was still blinking and I still had no access to the internet. I had to resort to speaking with a Level 2 Support which was of no help at all. All she said was that they’ll have to send someone out to my house and get my line looked at which was what I was thinking the first time.

I have no idea how long it’ll take before someone decides to show up at my house to check the line. It’s raining today so whoever being sent to my house is probably going to be too lazy to do any work so I might be without internet access until next week. So much for service. I hope that they don’t charge me for internet service from the date of activation because clearly my service was not activated on that date.

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  1. Same thing happened to my boss. They still charged him from the original date. He had to call 3 times to get them to change the billing.

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