Bobbing along

Last night, I, along with a whole bunch of other people attend a retirement dinner for my coworker, Bob. Officially, his last day is on the 29th but that’s a Saturday and who wants to come into work on Saturday? We teased him about that and he told us where to go. Bob has been […]

FrEee PC

Last month, Royal Bank ran a promotion for a free Asus Eee PC (pronounced “E”) if any customers who upgrade to their Signature No Limit banking package. I was updated to that package automatically because the package that I was using before was no longer available. The difference between my current package and the qualifying […]

Five years

Five years ago, on November 24, 2003, I registered with 1and1. I’m surprised that I’ve managed to keep the domain up for this long since most of the things that I’ve owned rarely lasts any longer than year. I’m happy that I’ve kept this site up since it’s a good way to keep my […]

Until 5:30 PM

Some people have a hard time grasping the concept of time. I’ve told a few people that I would be in the office until a certain time but they like to arrive at my desk at a later time. The definition of until is up to the time that or when. So when I say […]


I found out recently that I’ve been driving around town without an official driver’s license. How that came about, I am not exactly sure but I think somewhere down the road I must have forgotten to pay for some fines and they decided to suspend my license. I think they’ve warned me before suspending it […]

Not yet

My Bell Sympatico internet connection was supposed to be ready to go as of yesterday. I’m assuming yesterday because that was the date that was specified on the welcome package. But when the day came, nothing was working. I didn’t expect much from Bell because usually things aren’t as they say. The internet connection was […]

Getting connected

It’s been a while since I’ve had internet at home. I’ve been using my friend’s from across the street but the signal is so slow that all I could do was send and receive instant messages. I needed something more reliable and I didn’t want to keep going to Tim Horton’s to use the city’s […]