Your topic is approved

At the beginning of the semester, my professor informed the class that we had to select a topic for our term paper. For the past few weeks, it has taken me a while to think about what to write about. I wasn’t sure what a good topic would be. On top of that, it had to be something that I can talk a lot about.

My friend, Socheat gave me the idea of what to write about. He suggested that I wrote about the change in technology and how employees adapt to it. It sounded like a good topic because in the I.T. industry there are a lot of changes. There are updates coming out every day, new strands of computer viruses and updates for the definition. It sounded like it could be something that I write about a lot. The requirement is to write a 2,500 word paper on the topic which is about eight pages double spaced. I don’t have a problem writing a thousand words so doubling that shouldn’t be a problem either. It’s about the same amount of words as two blog entries.

I searched my text book to see if I can use any reference from it. I couldn’t just write a paper based on my own experience. We have to include the work of others and work that have been proven to work. The text book appeared to have a lot of information in it. I just have to find the right information relating to my topic. Luckily, chapter 17 is all about change so I’ve twenty pages worth of reference.

When I proposed the topic to my professor he responded with the following:

I like your idea Don. Perhaps you could explore under what circumstances technology is introduced successfully and where it is bungled. That’s what Chapter 17 is about. How to implement change effectively.

I could write a paper about the topic that I originally started with but going with an idea that the professor elaborated on would mean more marks. It’s going to be a challenge but I think that I’m up for it. I’ve written so much about topics that I’m comfortable writing about so going a little further and writing about a topic that someone else suggested might turn out to be more rewarding. If I get a good mark, I just right post my paper on here so everyone can read it and mark it.