Election time again

I haven’t been following the 2008 Federal Election as much as I’d like to this year. Usually, come Election Day, I’ll probably vote for the same candidate that I voted for last year. I’d like to know what each candidate has to offer but I don’t have time to follow all of that. I know that the candidate that I voted for did a good job so he’s got my vote again.

I think the hot topic for this year’s election is the economy. With the incident going on in the U.S, Canadians want to know that they won’t be facing the same issue that goes on down there. Usually, we’re a year behind so whatever happens in the U.S will likely make it way up here. If the U.S dollar struggles, Canadian industry struggles. Canada is a big country but yet we’re so small so we need to learn to be more self sufficient. I don’t have to keep exporting and importing things from the U.S. We have everything we need right in our own backyard.

I think the government needs to start realizing that we have good valuable resources right here in Canada. If they don’t take advantage of it, they’ll lose it. There are good workers here who need a job but don’t have one because there aren’t any jobs available. The government needs to do something good with the economy so we don’t have to depend too much on external sources. Our economy needs to stay strong while the U.S’s economy is weak.

Steven Harper is hoping to stay in office by recommending that nothing changes. “It’s not the time to do anything new, wild or stupid,” he said. Personally, I don’t think it was wise of him to use the word “stupid” because that’s like saying “You’re stupid if you don’t vote for me.” Some might take that as in insult but I know what he means. I think that the Conservative Party is doing a good job with things right now. To be honest, I don’t know exactly what has changed from the last government but all I know is that sales tax is down by two percent. But then again, there was that carbon tax but that hasn’t affected me much.

During the whole campaign, each candidate will throw punches at the other. Right now, it seems like the NDP and the Liberals are saying that Harper is bad and that they should be the one in power. They’re focusing on the topic of economy and the environment in hopes of getting people to get the Conservatives out of power. As far as I’m concerned, I’m liking the way things are now so I’d like to keep things this way.

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  1. Economy, health, jobs and education are dominated headlines in any election, whether it is Canada, USA, Australia Etc.. just to name a few.

    In the age of globalization and WTO, local manufacturing sector are more likely went busted than ever bofore as each individual manufacture is struggling to compete with cheap imprt from China, India Etc.. By the way, the local manufactures are likely to shut down their production lines and shift it overseas [where cheap labor cost] and this created unemployement with the country.

    Any politicians are the same. When needed votes to get into office they will promise aple of things but once they are in office they would eventually act differently – excuses after excuses. We can’t have this or do that because of fragile economy Etc..

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