Give credit where credit is due

Being a software engineering student, I’ve learned to give credit where it is due. It’s a code of honour that all software developers live by and uphold. If there’s something that I’ve heard or read from somewhere and I happen to reference it, then I tell people where I get the material from. You cannot go and steal something and take credit for it because that’s just wrong. It’s not just wrong. It makes you feel a little shitty as well.

I’ve had a couple of times where things were taken from me and no acknowledge was given. I guess as somewhat of an artist, I mind the fact that people are taking my work and posting it as their own. They’re basically stealing my work when they’re displaying it on their page, no? The least they could do is put my name on that page to give me credit for doing the work. Some people just don’t realize things like that. In this day and age, where people are downloading music instead of buying them, not too many people realize that what they’re doing is wrong. I’m sure that they can justify what they’re doing and somehow say that it’s not stealing but stealing is stealing.

For example, when I was in Hong Kong, I took over 1,000 pictures of my trip. When I got back to Canada, I selected a few and posted about fifteen albums on Facebook. I’ve had friends tell me they spend two hours looking at all of them. It’s quite flattering to even hear that my pictures were worth looking at let alone spend hours viewing it. So when I found out that someone took one of my pictures and used it as their profile picture without my consent, I was a little bit upset.

I don’t mind if they took the picture that I took of them and used it as their profile picture because well, it’s a picture of them. But when the picture isn’t a picture of them and they took it, that’s stealing. I probably wouldn’t have felt so bad if they had credit me for the picture but without any credit, it’s like their saying that they took the picture.

I don’t want to have to resort to watermarking my pictures because that might ruin the picture. But if people keep taking my picture and making it their own, I might have to do just that.

There was a picture that I took when I was in Hong Kong, of a statue of Bruce Lee along the Avenue of the Stars. People commented on the picture and said stuff about it but I didn’t think anyone would take that picture and make it their profile pictures. I probably wouldn’t have mind it if I was notified earlier that they were going to do that. What’s worse is that he didn’t say anything about the picture belonging to me. Maybe he’s thinking that just because we’re friends, it is okay. I don’t think it’s okay.

This isn’t the first time that someone has tried to take credit for something that I did. At work, we have a call ticket system that we use to log our daily activities. Everything that I do has to be put into the system for recording keeping and so they know that I’m doing work. I created a call ticket and did the work and then closed it. A few days later, someone from Orlando sent me an email asking about the ticket and why it was created. I told him that we don’t operate the same way as Orlando does so we have to create call tickets for everything. I decided to look into the ticket and found that he copied and pasted his email to me and closed the ticket under his name. So at the end of the fiscal year, he will get credited for a ticket that I worked on and completed. When you work at a job where you’re gauged by the amount of tickets you generate, having someone else close a ticket that you worked on isn’t good.

There are people out there who take the time to do the research and the work to get things working properly. For that reason, they deserve the credit because without their hard work, you would get to see the final product. No matter how little of their work you are using, you should always credit the person because it’s the right thing to do.