Mojave Experiment

Word of mouth goes a long way. When a friend of mine tells me good or bad things about a certain place, I sometimes take their word for it. But there are times when I prefer to do things myself before judging. Not everyone thinks like me and I know of a few people that don’t like something based on other people’s opinion of the matter.

My coworker and I have been testing Windows Vista and so far, I don’t seem to mind it. I still have an XP machine that I do most of my work on because the software that I use on a daily basis doesn’t work with Vista. So far, all that I’m doing on my Vista machine is surfing the web and reading emails.

The Start menu got a bit of a face lift and is a bit more functional. You can start searching for program in the Start menu. The feature is similar to Spotlight on the Mac. The search doesn’t search everything though. I think it only searches the programs that are listed in the Start menu so rather than navigating through layers of menus, you just type in the name of the software and it’ll show up.

The sidebar is a nice added feature but it’s not all that good. I have Yahoo! Widget on my home computer and I find that it’s a bit better than the Vista sidebar. The nice thing about the sidebar is that it sits there as a dock and you can add gadgets to it and it’ll store them. It has a semi transparent background so you can see what’s behind it but that’s nothing. The thing that I don’t like about it is that it sort of shrinks the size of your desktop. Sometimes when the sidebar isn’t running, it still takes up desktop space. And if you look in the task manager, apparently there are two instances of it. I’m not sure why that is but I don’t think it’s needed.

A cool feature that I do like about it is the ability to see the content of each window when you’re switching between them. It’s a more advanced version of the Alt-Tab. Again, I believe the Mac had this feature first and Windows just borrowed. There aren’t too many features in Vista that isn’t available already in another operating system.

Windows Vista is a pretty good operating system. There are some things that I don’t like about it because of personal preference. Microsoft is one of the biggest software companies out there so I’d expect it to be somewhat of an innovator in the industry. They shouldn’t be implementing features that are already available in another OS. They should be coming out with something new and innovative. Being an industry leader, they should be the ones who are setting the bar on things.

Here’s a little thing my coworker sent me. It’s about a bunch of people who has never used Vista before and they bash it for no reason. It’s called the Mojave Experiment. There people who like to say thing without actually doing research and they get burned for it. For example, I asked around to see how many people are willing to do things without know what they’re doing. I asked if they were willing to ban the use of dihydrogen monoxide. Some of them said yes without asking what it was. Would you ban dihydrogen monoxide?