Six miles closer to you

I like to apply for credit cards that will give me something in return for using their card. I have credit cards that will give me money back and another credit card that will save me two cents per litre at the pump. As long as the card will help me in some way, I’ll apply for it and continue to use it in the long run. You collect a little bit here and a little bit there and next thing you know, you can redeem the points for free stuff.

Ever since my flight to Hong Kong, I’ve collected 19540 Aeroplan miles that I can put towards another flight. The flight to Hong Kong gave me 8,448 Aeroplan miles and the flight back gave an addition 8,448 Aeroplan miles. Due to a malfunction of the media center, I was compensated 2,500 Aeroplan miles and the rest I’ve been collection at the gas station. In order to qualify for a free flight to Hong Kong, I have to accumulate 77,000 Aeroplan miles. That’s going to work out to be a lot of pump at the gas station but if I continue to flight back and forth to Hong Kong, I’ll be collection 16,896 Aeroplan miles per visit. After four visits to Hong Kong, I’ll have enough for a free flight.

Lately, I’ve been noticing that I’ve been rewards double the Aeroplan miles when I pump gas at Esso. I thought it was a typo or something and the machine was printing out the number twice but when I took a look at my account, I saw that the numbers of points appeared on there twice as well. I didn’t notice it but Esso has a promotion on right now that will give me double the points.

Esso isn’t the cheapest gas station to pump at but it’s rewarding for me to pump there. The difference between one gas station to the next is a matter of cents so rather than driving around looking for the cheapest station, I just stop by an Esso, pump gas, grab a cup of coffee and be on my merry way. If I pump $30 worth of gas, I’m given ten Aeroplan points plus an addition ten points. Whereas if I was to pump at a Canadian Tire gas station, I wouldn’t get anything but two cents off per litre.

So when I’m face with a decision whether to go to Esso or Canadian Tire, I would choose Esso. I know that I would be saving two cents more at Canadian Tire but when I pump $30 worth of gas, I’ll be saving only $0.60 which isn’t that much. I would prefer to gain the twenty Aeroplan miles as opposed to saving myself $0.60. Lately, I’ve been looking around for ways to gain more Aeroplan miles. If it means signing up for something or buying a certain product, I’ll do so to get me those points that will bring me closer to Hong Kong.