They call me Bruce

I don’t know why some people forget my name. It’s not as if it’s hard to remember. It’s only three letters so it’s very simple. I can sort of understand if they forget my name and don’t say anything but it’s another thing to call me by another name. I don’t know where they get that other name from.

There’s a new guy that works up in Human Resources. I was responsible for configuring a laptop for him to use. The first day, he ran into some issues and I was the one who responded to his call ticket. I was probably the first I.T guy that he met. When I arrived at his office, I introduced myself and he offered me some Bazooka Joe bubble gum and we talked for a bit. After I was done fixing his computer, I left.

The next day, he had another problem so again, I responded. This time, when I arrived at his office, he greeted me with, “Hi Joe!” At first, I assumed that he forgot my name and called me Joe because of the Bazooka Joe bubble gum so I just brushed it off. But I ran into him in the hall way the following day and he called me Joe again. At this point, I’m thinking that maybe he’s confusing me with my coworker but I don’t know. His name is Dan and my name is Don so I would assume that he wouldn’t forget something so similar but obviously he has.

This morning, I was awakened by a loud knock on the door. As soon as I heard it, I thought that maybe it was Jenn’s mom knocking on the door to tell me to get up and clean up the house. I grabbed my pants and put them on quickly before going to the door. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from so I check the front first since it was the closest. After seeing that no one was there, I continued to the backdoor. I opened the door and saw one of my crazy neighbours.

There’s a house behind me that is resident to a few mentally challenged people. I’m not sure why they were put there but they live there and most of them fend for themselves. The one that came to my backdoor is Paul. He knows me because I programmed his universal remote control for him. After that day, he has been calling me Bruce. I’m not sure where he got that name from but he’s been calling me that ever since. Eventually I will tell him that I’m not Bruce.

He was knocking on my door because he wanted to borrow ten dollars from me. First of all, I was a little pissed that he woke me up. And secondly, he got my name wrong. I didn’t have anything on me so I told him that I couldn’t lend him anything. I don’t think I would lend him money even if I had any.

I have a few friends who have made light on this situation. Some people can’t seem to pronounce their name so they’ve come up with an English version of their name which sounds nothing like their Cambodian names. To me, I think that if someone forgets your name but doesn’t admit it, it’s almost as if they’re not willing to care what the correct name is. If I forgot someone’s name, I’d make sure I find out the correct name otherwise I’d feel like an ass for calling them by the wrong name.