Johari window

Going back to school is probably one of the best things that I can do to further my career. I don’t mind my job but I would like to see how far up the ladder I can climb. But being in the work environment, you start to notice things that you don’t normally notice. You notice how some people are jerks, how some are helpful and how some can be very lazy. I never knew this before but it appears that there’s a reason for all of that. Because of what I’ve learned in night class, I’ve decided to take a closer look at myself to see where I stand thought my eyes and through the eyes of others.

The one thing that caught my attention last night was something called the “Johari window.” It’s a tool that you can use to help better understand your interpersonal communication and relationship. The section of the window that made me thing was the blind area.

Supposedly, there are about fifty five adjectives that you have to categorize into each section. Each adjective represents traits that you possess so you have to put them in the right quadrant. Your friends have to do the same with those adjectives. The results will show you what traits you have in which quadrant.

The “open area” contains traits that both you and others are aware of. The “hidden area” contains traits that you know of but others are not aware of. The “blind area” contains traits others are aware of but you are not. And the “unknown area” contains traits that nobody is aware of.

It’s a little hard to work on one of these windows when you’re by yourself but you might want to try it out when you’re around a few friends. It’ll help you better understand yourself.