Spot me a five

The issue of money has been popping into my head a lot lately. I have friends who are in a bit of a jam because the place that they worked for went bankrupt. I have bills that have been piling up but when I pay them it doesn’t seem like it’s going down. Unless it’s one big lump sum, it doesn’t look like the payments are making a big impact. So anytime something about money comes up, I take notice.

A couple of days ago, a friend asked me over MSN if I wanted to go hang out with him. I didn’t have anything to do so I agreed. He also suggested that we get some food to eat. I haven’t eaten at the time and lunch time was approaching but I didn’t have any money so I told him that I’m broke until payday. His response to that was, “Okay, I see.” And then it went quiet for a while. I sent him a message saying, “But we can still hang out.” After that I didn’t hear much else. I didn’t get any call to go hang out that day.

I sat there pondering whether or not he was able to spot me some money if we did go get something to eat. If I asked a friend to go grab a bit to eat and he said that he didn’t have any money, I’d spot him a few bucks. It’s just a meal that probably cost less than $10 so it’s nothing big. It’s a little rude to ask someone to go do something and when they say they’re broke, you end the discussion then and there. It makes me wonder how many real friends I actually have.

Friends are there for you no matter what happens. If you’re down in the slumps, they’ll be there to try and help you out. They’re not going to leave you there so you can get yourself out. Friends don’t let friends hang out to dry. They’re there to give you a helping hand when you run into some hard times. That’s what I would do when a friend gets situations like this. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t help them out when I can?

I’m not mad at the fact that my friend didn’t offer to pay for lunch. I’m more concerned at the fact that as soon as I said that I was broke, the discussion ended. It was as if he couldn’t spare an extra five bucks for me. Money isn’t that big of a deal and I’m willing to spend it if it means that I’ll get to hang out with some friends. When he needs money, I’ve always spotted him a few. I can’t remember if he pays me back though but I’d probably spot him some more again. I’m not going to keep doing that if he doesn’t pay me back. I don’t expect anything back right away but I assume that he’s a good enough friend to pay me back when he can.

Time is worth more than money but money always seems to be a big issue between people. It can make friends but it can always break friends. I know people who have borrowed me from me and have not repaid me back yet. Then I’ll hear from their siblings that they could have paid me back but decided to buy a new sofa instead. I reach into my own pocket for them but when it comes time for them to do the same, they decide not to. Their sofa is more important than my finance. I don’t understand how some people can be so selfish.

This made me wonder how much people value my friendship. They come to me in time of need and I help them out but when they have an option to help me, they decide not to. They ask for my help and when I give it to them, they say their “Thank you!” or “I appreciate it” and think that just because they showed their gratitude, that it’s enough. It’s like I’m giving and their taking and that’s how the cycle goes. But a cycle should repeat itself, should it not? I give, they take. They give, I take. Break even. But no, in a perfect world, that’s how it would work but we don’t live in perfect worlds.

We live in a world where it’s mainly about looking out for yourself. It’s “I want this. I want that. Me. Me! Me!” Some people don’t have any values anymore. They don’t have a belief that they stand up for. Back during the hippy generation, they stood up for what they believed in. They protested! Nowadays, people just complain and hope that the problem will solve itself.

Anyway, I’ve ranted enough and I’ve seem to have veered off track so I’ll end it there. All I’m saying is that the company of friends is more important than money. Don’t give up the chance to spend some time with them just because they can’t afford it.

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  1. Good friends will always be there whenever the bad things happen to you. So far i have not been able to find one good VN friend since they are really selfish. They’ll come to you all the times you succeed with doing something and they’ll be try to be as far as possible from you whenever you meet problems.

    Fortunately, I have many faithful, best Cambodian friends both in Cambodia and Vietnam. Those who always share sadness and happiness with me as if they were my family. I wish many of my relatives would be the same as them.

  2. Actually, I have some really good Vietnamese friends here… I guess people’s mentality differs depending on where they grow up…

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