Calm before the storm

Tonight is turning out to be a very stormy night. The day started out to be hot and humid so I didn’t think that it would rain or anything but as night time nears, things starts to get dark and the rain started to pour. I jokingly told my friend that it’s Hurricane Ike dropping by but now, it looks like conditions are pretty bad.

The battery of my phone died while I was on a call and I needed it to be charged because I have to a phone call later. I decided that I would sit in my car and wait for it to charge up. This is where I’m currently typing this post. It’s kind of cool because outside, the wind is going crazy but it’s super quiet inside. If I rolled down the window, things would be at least ten times louder.

Before I got into the car, I was in my backyard. As I was locking up the door, the winds started to pick up. I looked at the trees and I can see the branches sway. It was windy enough that one of my lawn chairs was moved. Moments later I heard a crack and that’s when a branch snapped and came tumbling down. The snap was loud enough that I could hear it from ten meters away. The branch was about eight feet long and it was brought down like nothing.

After that, everything started to sway stronger and I could have sworn that something else could have come tumbling down. I rushed to the car before anything else decides to break. As soon as I got into the car and slammed the door shut, everything went quiet again. A little feeling of anxiety came over me. Now that I’m in the car, I do feel a little safe but a part of me feels a little anxious.

My neighbour behind me has a fairly large tree in his backyard and I can see it sway a few centimeters. The branch doesn’t look like it’s too thick but if you were to try to move it with your hand, you can probably give it a little nudge. Right now, the wind is able to sway the trees so that it’s very noticeable.

So far, it looks like the wind was able to move a few things around and bring down some branches. The rain and stopped so it’s just windy. I’m safe in my car for now since it’s underneath a smaller tree. If any of the branches fall, it’s not big enough to cause any damage to the car. I think there’s enough shelter here to block any strong wind from pushing the car over. I wonder if this is the butterfly effect of using the particle accelerator.