Give credit where credit is due

Being a software engineering student, I’ve learned to give credit where it is due. It’s a code of honour that all software developers live by and uphold. If there’s something that I’ve heard or read from somewhere and I happen to reference it, then I tell people where I get the material from. You cannot […]

Mojave Experiment

Word of mouth goes a long way. When a friend of mine tells me good or bad things about a certain place, I sometimes take their word for it. But there are times when I prefer to do things myself before judging. Not everyone thinks like me and I know of a few people that […]

Six miles closer to you

I like to apply for credit cards that will give me something in return for using their card. I have credit cards that will give me money back and another credit card that will save me two cents per litre at the pump. As long as the card will help me in some way, I’ll […]

Book collection

Since my very first purchase of a book, I didn’t expect to have enough to build a library. One after one, the books started to pile up and eventually my collection started. Finding a place to store that collection was another thing. I didn’t have a bookshelf to put any of my books. For the […]

They call me Bruce

I don’t know why some people forget my name. It’s not as if it’s hard to remember. It’s only three letters so it’s very simple. I can sort of understand if they forget my name and don’t say anything but it’s another thing to call me by another name. I don’t know where they get […]


Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of overtime at work because I have a project to complete. In this project I’m responsible for the encryption of three hundred or so laptops. It’s a repetitive process and I can probably do most of it in my sleep. In order for me to encrypt the drives, I’ve […]

Johari window

Going back to school is probably one of the best things that I can do to further my career. I don’t mind my job but I would like to see how far up the ladder I can climb. But being in the work environment, you start to notice things that you don’t normally notice. You […]