I’ve been using my RBC Visa since high school and I’ve collected a good number of reward points. I wasn’t gain a high number of points so I wasn’t able to redeem them for anything. Recently, I went back to check my points and saw that I had enough to redeem my points for something worthwhile.

Initially, I wanted to get a digital camera for Jenn because she was looking for one and I didn’t quite get her anything for her birthday, even though she said that the plane ticket was good enough. The camera was a Samsung L730 and it was going for 23,000 points. It is a 7.2MP digital camera with 3x optical and 15x digital zoom. Jenn was looking for a camera that would take video and it wasn’t clear that this camera did just that. We decided that she would look around for something in Hong Kong so we didn’t go with the Samsung.

Instead, I redeemed my points for a few gift cards from Futureshop, Esso and Chapters. I was going to use it all for an Esso gift card but I think it’s more worthwhile if I spend it on other stuff as well. I buy a lot of electronics and books but I don’t always have to buy gas so it didn’t make sense to use up all my points just for gas. The price of gas is just going to fluctuate so buying a gas card wouldn’t have made any difference.

It’ll be a few weeks before the gift cards actually arrive in the mail but I look forward to it. I’ve been saving my money for a while but now it’s time to actually treat myself to something nice. I haven’t bought any books lately so it’s time to add some more to my collection. I know that I still have over ten books to finish but the more that I have now, the more I can read later. It’s something for me to do to keep me busy.

I can go on a little shopping spree for a day. I can use the Esso gift card to pay for my gas. The best place to go is to Ancaster because there’s a Chapters and Futureshop is the same place. It’ll save me time and gas because I don’t have to make the trip to two different places that are far away from each other. Plus, school is coming up so maybe I can get myself something nice for school.