Kitty heaven in the sky

“Baby, baby!”
That is all I can hear in my head when I get home. She had just gotten home last week and I was expecting her to make a full recovery but unfortunately she didn’t make it. I think the operation was too much of a stress on her body. She was an old cat but I thought she had a few years left. She was the only cat that I actually liked having around and now I have to get used to her not sleeping by my feet.

I am sure that, like most pet owners, there comes a time when you have to cope with the lost of their beloved cats. I am not much of an animal person but I do warm up to animals if they behave. Baby was one of those animals that warmed up to me. There are the odd time where she’ll get me annoyed because she’s peeing and pooing all over the place but she was doing that because of all that extra weight in her abdomen.

There were times when she would be sleeping by my foot as I do things on the computer. One time she tried to steal my slippers. When I’m at the desk, I take off my slippers and get myself comfy. When I went to get up and go to the fridge, I couldn’t find my right slipper. My slippers are black and so was Baby. I looked at her and saw that she was sleeping on my right slipper with one of her paws on it. I look at her and she looked at me with her tongue sticking out as if she was taunting me. Her tongue sticking out was a unique feature of her’s.

I have this video of her where she’s trying to get into a box. There was nothing in the box but she was curious and I guess she was looking for food or something but the box was a bit higher than she was when she’s on all four. She tired to stand up and get into the box but she was heavier than the box and it collapsed forward and she fell into it. It was a cute video of her and her curiosity.

She was a good girl and she never really gave me any problems. Every time I called her name she would look at me or she would respond in some way. When I gave her food, she would eat what’s there. If she’s hungry and I didn’t have any food in her bowl, she would try to climb into the bag and get some herself. I found the bag all scratched up laying on the floor sometimes.

Jenn and I are going to miss her, especially Jenn since she pretty much grew up with her. Nut Nut, her daughter will probably miss her as well. I’m not sure if cats knows if something is wrong but I think they do. Nut Nut hasn’t been quite the same since Baby left. We’re not too sure why things happened so suddenly and we’re hoping that the vet can give us some answers.

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  1. hey, it might be very sad. sorry to hear that. any i jus wan to say hi, and i love your this design it simple yet attractive 🙂

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