Tobermory, Ontario

If you ever get a chance to go up north, Tobermory is a very beautiful place to visit. It has the clearest blue water that I’ve ever seen. It’s a very busy tourist location with lots of things to do. Anyone who loves the outdoors will definitely love Tobermory.

Tobermory is located about four hours from Hamilton. Since it’s four hours away, we decided that it’s best that we stay there for more than a day. Although we didn’t quite stay there that long, we were there long enough to do the things that we wanted to do. Well, maybe not everything but almost everything.

Miles after miles you see nothing but green. I had the window down a lot because the air was very fresh. If you live in an area that has a lot of pollution, I’m sure you can tell what fresh air smells like. The air out there is so much easier to breathe in. The only scent that didn’t smell very appealing was manure. We passed by a lot of farms that had moo cows and horse. During the drive pass those areas, we had the window up.

Jenn wanted to do a dinner on a cruise thing but I was afraid that I might not be able to stomach the food on a moving boat. Sometimes I don’t have a problem with boat rides but other times I’ll get a little queasy from the rocking. But the more that I think about it no, the less queasy I think I would have been. I guess I was afraid of ruining the dinner if I started to feel like I wanted to vomit.

The first thing you’ll notice about Tobermory that it’s packed. I don’t know if it’s like this all of the time but during the time that I was there, the place was busy. It’s not as busy as, say, a concert or anything. The dock area had a lot of traffic from people walking in and out of the area.

The people who live in Tobermory probably don’t live too far from the water. Just by looking, you can probably tell who’s a local and who’s a tourist. That day, there were a lot of Chinese tourists. When we took the boat out to Flowerpot Island, the transfer boat was filled with Chinese people.

The boat that took us to Flowerpot Island stopped by an area where there was a shipwreck. The water was clear enough for you to see the ship that was sitting on the lake floor. They said that were about twenty different shipwrecks in the area but I guess you need to go scuba diving if you wanted to see the others. The water was calm enough for us to be able to see this particular shipwreck.

After visiting the shipwrecks, the boat brought us out to Flowerpot Island. The island received its name from the two rock formation that looks similar to a flower pot. These flowerpots were shaped by glaciers and pounding waves. Supposedly, there were three flowerpots but one of them fell down.

We had to walk quite the distance to reach the flowerpots. We stuck to the shoreline because Jenn wanted to avoid the mosquitoes. If we had taken the trail, we would have reached the rock formation a lot sooner but it was nice to walk along the shoreline. The path was a bit tricky though because we had to watch our footing or else we’d slip. Some of the rocks that we stepped on weren’t stable so we had to take it slow. It was a nice little exercise.

There were a few people going swimming in the area so we tried to do that too. I had to get change into my swimming shorts because the shorts that I was wearing weren’t for swimming. If I had known how cold the water was, I probably would have stayed out. The water was cold enough that other tourists were using the water to keep their watermelons cold. Not only was the water cold but the waves were pretty strong as well. I don’t think I went out more than a foot. We stayed in the water for a few minutes before jumping out. On our way back to the docks, we decided to take the trail.

We spend the rest of the day walking around the pier and visiting the local ships. There was an all you can eat fish and chips restaurant but I didn’t have the stomach for all you can eat. Jenn and I ordered one fish and chips each and that’s all we were able to eat.

Jenn and I enjoyed our time in Tobermory. I was happy we were able to spend our last few days together doing something rather than sitting around the house. Although we didn’t quite get to do everything on Jenn’s to do list, I’m glad that I brought her out to Tobermory. It was a nice and relaxing getaway from the city.