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For the long weekend, Jenn and I went up north for a couple of days. I’ve been to Tobermory before but it was way back when I was in high school. The one thing about Tobermory that stood in my mind was how crystal clear the water of Georgian Bay was. I return, over ten years later and nothing has changed. The water is still clear as ever. It’s not the scuba diving capital of Canada for nothing.

The drive up to Tobermory was a long four hour drive but for some reason, it didn’t feel as long. I drive the first leg of the drive and Jenn drove the rest of the way to the inn. I informed the inn that we would be around after 9pm but we didn’t get there until 10pm almost.

When we arrived we noticed that the parking lot was almost full. I guess the other guests had already arrived. We walked into the inn and the hostess shows us to our room. The inn wasn’t what I had expected. First and foremost, I thought that we’d have a bit more privacy since we reserved the private suite.

As soon as we got into the room, we closed the door but surprisingly, we were still able to hear people in the dining room. I checked around the room and saw that there was a window that looks into the dining room and it was opened. There was a curtain in front of it but it was semi transparent so I was able to see right through it. Luckily, there wasn’t anyone sitting near the window.

Secondly, our door didn’t have a lock on it. I’ve stayed at hotels and motels before but I guess a B&B inn is slightly different. All the guest share the house but I thought that maybe the rooms might be different. I didn’t feel too safe sleeping in a house full of strangers with my door unlocked. Not that it mattered if the door was locked since the window was wide open.

After our long drive up, Jenn decided to take a little bath before going to bed. She became a little excited when she found out that we had a jacuzzi in our suite. Unfortunately, the jacuzzi was too loud when it was in use so the host asked that we not use it at night. Heck, just turning on the water was loud enough.

Throughout the night, I kept waking up every now and then because the floors were creaking. I hear every step that people made on the floor above us. The floor wasn’t the only think that creaked. The bed was creaking as well. Every toss and turn was heard. The bed was a bit hard and the blanket was a bit rough so I didn’t quite get a good sleep.

In the morning, we were served breakfast. By the time we left our room, there were a few guests already sitting in the dining room. There was a couple of ladies who were local to the area, taking a little time off for the weekend. There was also a Bangladesh couple from Richmond who stayed at the inn because their daughter had recommended it. Jenn and I kept to ourselves while the other guest talked with each other. They shared the experiences that they had the day before. Of course, Jenn and I were driving so we didn’t have much to offer to the conversation.

The hostess walked around getting orders from everyone. We were the closest to the kitchen so our order was taken first. Somehow, we weren’t quite the first to get our order. The couple beside us received their breakfast first, only it was the wrong selection which turned out to be ours. The hostess mentioned that the cook had made the orders in the wrong order. I’m not sure what she meant by that but it should like she took our order and the cook didn’t make it right away.

All in all, the bed and breakfast inn was a nice experience but it’s not something that I might do too often. I would probably prefer to just camp outside the next time I head up north. The cost of the camp ground might be a bit cheaper and things might be a bit more quieter. It was nice that we stayed indoors for the night but camping outside for the night isn’t all that bad. The bed was hard so we might as well sleep on the ground with a sleeping bag.

Although my experience at a B&B wasn’t all that great, I’d still recommend that others try it out. It’s all part of the camping experience, only you’re not outside. The service was pretty good and the host and hostess were very welcoming. They made sure that everything went smoothly which it did.

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  1. Good Evening Don: As a frequent visitor to Tobermory I was just wondering at what B&B you were staying. I have stayed at many and this one doesn’t seem familiar….Thanks, Gary

  2. Hi Gary,

    Thank you for visiting my site. I stayed at the Cape Chin Connection B&B Inn. It’s about 30min from Tobermory, off of Lindsay Rd 5. I believe it’s close to Pottery by Ben, if you’ve heard of that.

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