Heading north

A couple of years ago, I had planned on visiting Tobermory. I had just received my Nikon D50 in the mail and I was excited to head up north to take some pictures of nature. Things came up and I was able to head up there that year. The following summer, I wanted to head up there again but something else came up and I wasn’t able to make it. Earlier this month I wanted to head up to Tobermory but the weather wasn’t too good so I had to pass. I made plans to go there and this Friday, I’ll be driving up there for real.

The drive to Tobermory is going to be about four hours long. I could get there a lot quicker but I don’t think it’s wise to be driving at highway speed while taking the back road. The path from Hamilton to Tobermory is pretty straight forward. I’ll be taking Highway 6 all the way to the end.

I plan on driving there right after work so traffic is going to be a pain. It’s going to be the long weekend so I’m sure that everyone will be going somewhere. A lot of people in town like to go up north for the long weekend so the highway is going to be jammed pack.

I made reservations at the Cape Chin Connection Country Inn Bed & Breakfast to stay for the night since it’ll be night fall by the time we get close to Tobermory. Jenn and I are going to stay there for the night, have breakfast in the morning and then spend the day around Tobermory.

There are a few things that I would like to do when I’m in Tobermory. One of the things is to go on a guided tour of the lake. The water of Tobermory Harbour contains a lot of shipwrecks and the tour boat contains a glass bottom so you can see below. The last time I was in the area, the water was crystal clear. It has the clearest water that I’ve ever seen in person so if it still like that, maybe I can always try some scuba diving.

Tobermory has natural and cultural attractions to see and visit. There are a few lighthouses in the area and it’s been a while since I last saw a real light house. I think the lighthouses are situation on different islands around Tobermory so I’m hoping that I’ll have enough time during the day to see everything. There’s a lot to see and a vast land to explore so I’ll be sure to take a lot of pictures.