There’s a new search engine out and it’s claiming to be better than Google. That’s a pretty bold statement to make since Google is pretty popular. Google has been around for a long time and they’ve done a pretty good job at indexing the internet. Cuil (pronounced ‘cool’) is fairly new to the game but they’ve got people who used to work for Google onboard.

Cuil’s main page, like Google’s is fairly simple only it’s black and blue. As you start typing, a drop down list will appear and suggest a few keywords. That’s nothing new since most web 2.0 sites will do the same. I think Yahoo! does something like that already.

Performing a search on my name yields an amazing 564,291 results. The same search using Google came up with only 1,350. Google’s result sounds a bit more accurate than Cuil. I’m not sure how it’s searching but I don’t think there’s half a million references to my name. What’s worse is that the results aren’t all there. There are about eleven results per page but as I go through the results, it breaks after a while. Sometimes the tenth page doesn’t show anything at all. So far, I’ve managed to navigate to the 23rd page but that doesn’t add up. There are twenty three pages containing eleven results per does not equal to half a million results.

And then there’s the matter of image placements. Beside one of the results is a picture of a sculpture and I’m sure that I don’t owe anything like it. Throughout the page there appears to be random images beside the result and it doesn’t seem like those images have anything to do with the results. I think they need a bit more work on their search algorithm to yield more accurate results if they want to beat out Google.