Coast to coast

Ever since my girlfriend came back from Hong Kong, I’ve wanted to do a lot of traveling. Actually, I think I’ve wanted to do that for the longest time but it was her who made me actually do it. I don’t mean the traveling where you fly from one destination to another. I mean the type of traveling where it’s you and the open road. If you’re not into that kind of stuff you might think it’s boring but I like the open road.

There’s so much of Canada to explorer and I would like to see every part of it someday. It has an area of almost a billion square kilometers and I’ve probably only seen less than a percent of that. I haven’t seen much outside of Ontario let alone Hamilton. Ever since the end of high school, I’ve always wanted to take this kind of road trip but I did quite have the monetary support to do so.

This trip is just over 8,000 kilometers and will take just over four days to complete but I’ll be taking a lot longer than that. My plan is to travel coast to coast and I’d like to stop by certain destinations to do some site seeing as well. I’ve mapped out the trip so that I’ll be stopping in the capital cities of each province. I tried to make it so that I don’t have to back track anywhere in order to save time.

From what I’ve heard, this trip will consume a lot of time and possibly a lot of money. Originally, I wanted to work for the summer and save up every penny until I’ve saved up about $10,000 or so. I was thinking that $10,000 should be enough to be on the road for the summer. Most of the money will probably be used for gas.

Way back when I initially planned this trip, gas was selling for 60 cents a liter and now it has doubled so that’s going to skew my calculations a bit. The car that I drive now will go about 200km on $30 of gas. So if I decided to go now, it will cost me about $2,400 for the whole trip. There’s a good chance that my car will probably break down and might not make it back home but that’s another adventure of its own.

While I’m still young, I’ll have to try take a coast to coast road trip. Anyone who wants to tag along is welcomed. I’m planning on covering the cost of gas so everyone else will have to take care of their own cost.