I’m switching

For the last few years, I’ve always gone with Rogers as my cellular phone service provider. When I first started, the price was great and so was the service but as the years go by things started to get a little expensive. Now, it has gotten to the point where I don’t need all those features so I’m looking for something cheaper.

When I started working at my present job, they gave me a cell phone, nothing to fancy, just a basic cell phone. After a week of using this cell phone, I didn’t find much use for my personal phone and I didn’t want to carry two phones around at all times. I ended up forwarding all my personal phone to my work phone and then call back the caller after work. The plan included free evening and weekends so it wasn’t a problem.

The only problem that I ran into was having two phones when I only need one. I could have asked the company to pay for my phone bill but that would mean that they get to keep my phone number when and if I leave the company. I didn’t want to lose my number so I keep the two phones on separate plans.

I ended up paying for my phone bills when I hardly even used it. Month after month, my phone bill was arriving in the mail showing a balance of $47.58. The call log on the phone was completely empty so I was basically wasting $50 a month for nothing. I didn’t want to cancel my cell phone in fear of losing the number that I’ve had for years.

One option was to reduce my monthly invoice to a lower amount by removing some extra features like call display. That would have meant dropping the price down five bucks which isn’t much considering the fact that I don’t use the air time. Another option was to switch it from month to prepaid but to do that with Rogers would cost me an administration fee of $50.

I didn’t want to have to pay $50 to switch from monthly to prepaid so I ported my number to another service provider, Fido. Rogers owns Fido so basically, I’m still with the same company but at least I’m saving myself $50.

The prepaid plan that I went with was $10/month. That’s a price that I’m willing to pay to keep my cellular phone number. If there was something cheaper, I’d take it but that’s the cheapest one that’s available. Unfortunately, the $10 vouchers will expire after a month so I’ll have to buy one every month. But if you add it up, I’d rather pay $120 a year instead of $570.96 a year. I could probably use the additional $450 to pay for gas.